Four years ago, I predicted in this blog that as long as Joe the Plumber was around, he’d have a voice during each Presidential campaign cycle.

My post was headlined, “Hey Joe the Plumber, it’s Just the Start!”

Turns out my prediction was too timid in its vision—in case you missed it, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher is not only being sought out for his views, but he’s seeking office himself.

Joe the Plumber….now Joe the Politician?

Described as a “Tea Party favorite” in his Congressional race, JTP last week told POLITICO that President Obama has been “blessed by God” to gain the highest office in the land.

Brief Encounters Can Launch Careers

Regardless of your political leanings, you have to admit that we live in a pretty intriguing country when a brief, chance encounter at a political event can launch (an as-yet unproven) political career.

What happened in Ohio four years ago can happen anywhere, any time. For example, here in the Chicago area, with some PR counsel and support from yours truly, this is an only half-joking example of what I might do for a budding massage therapy practice:

Arrange for the therapist (or group of therapists) to attend a controversial confrontation (think Occupy movement or a pro-life vs. pro-abortion show-down). Be sure that each therapist is wearing a T-shirt featuring their practice details, including website, and that further proclaims:

“No Matter What Side You’re On, I Won’t Rub You the Wrong Way.”

Then be sure to give both sides equal tender loving care, passing along your business card and promotional offers along the way.

On a related note, shortly after Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested in December 2008, I created a public relations campaign for a Chicago-area hair salon.

Here’s background on that effort for Theresa Charo, which resulted in multiple media placements for her business.

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