Last night, on the eve of Earth Day, Jackie Bange of Chicago’s WGN Channel 9 filed a report with a refreshingly different take on environmental stewardship: not only honoring the stuff of the Earth, but also some individuals who are in need of a fresh start.

As part of her reporting, Bange came out to Forest Park-based McAdam Landscaping and its Nursery & Garden Center last week. For years, McAdam has hired graduates of the Greencorps Chicago program profiled in the piece.

In 1997, brothers Scott and Rob McAdam, along with two other partners, started WRD Environmental, Inc. The company provides consultation for native landscapes and currently oversees the Greencorps program of Chicago’s Department of Environment.

As the WGN report notes, the city of Chicago has partnered with WRD “to create a green jobs program for those who have a difficult time finding employment, many of which are ex-offenders.”

Among those interviewed for the segment were Scott McAdam, the company president, and employees Anthony Harris and Rosa Montes. Clearly, they are among a larger group of individuals, including some others interviewed on camera, that have played instrumental roles in this successful initiative.

Kudos to the entire team for its collective willingness to do “the right thing,” as Scott McAdam told Bange.

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