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Don’t Wait ’til News Breaks–Anticipate the Break, Break Through With Coverage

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”–Wayne Gretzky That philosophy surfaced on the PR front last week with a news release providing insights and counsel on snow and ice management. The release had been in the works for over a week for McAdam Landscaping, a longtime Inside Edge […]

Boost ‘Calendar Awareness’ & Bolster Your Marketing and Public Relations Efforts

Did you know that yesterday was National Child Health Day? And, at the risk of having you worry why March and May were not designated instead, did you realize that April is Stress Awareness Month? Growing up, for yours truly, every day was Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. On a broader scale, however, that comfort […]

Advertising Benefits From Timely Tie-Ins

Timeliness isn’t only for stories–it’s a key element in advertising, too. With that in mind, I have been inserting information about upcoming events in print advertising for a client, McAdam Landscaping. In the pages of Wednesday Journal, Inc. and Pioneer Press publications, early this month it was a Mother’s Day special, last week it was […]

McAdam Featured in Earth Day TV Segment

Last night, on the eve of Earth Day, Jackie Bange of Chicago’s WGN Channel 9 filed a report with a refreshingly different take on environmental stewardship: not only honoring the stuff of the Earth, but also some individuals who are in need of a fresh start. As part of her reporting, Bange came out to […]

McAdam Landscaping At 30: Sowing & Reaping

For the last two years, I have had the pleasure of providing public relations service to McAdam Landscaping, a leading company that has accomplished much in its 30 years in business. To take a look at some of its history, check out a news release I wrote and posted the other day on Triblocal.com, McAdam […]

‘Tis the Season to `Go Green’ With PR

“Green is the new black.” Over a year ago, that phrase was the centerpiece of one of my clients’ involvement with a design project at her alma mater. You can see some of the efforts to the left, and the story here. Stories focusing on environmental stewardship are hot this time of year. Witness recent […]

PR Focus: Picture this….and this…and this

For more than a year, I have helped McAdam Landscaping share stories about the breadth, depth and quality of its work with the Chicago-area media, as well as nationally. Increasingly, a pivotal part of that story can be told via photographs, such as ones that are included in this post. The photos were among those […]

Quantity of Information Begets Quality PR

In the PR business, you can never gather too much information. Now, choosing what to disseminate–and when, and to whom–those are areas where you want to be more selective. But out of quantity flows quality. Case in point: on Monday, I spent three hours with Scott McAdam, president of McAdam Landscaping I took still photos […]