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Oak Park Firm Puts Blackhawk Spirit on Display

When it comes to rooting for the Chicago Blackhawks, some area fans wear their passions on their heads (hats) and others literally wear it on their sleeves (jerseys). But for an Oak Park real estate firm, the zeal to urge on the Stanley Cup finalist recently showed up on their windows. On Thursday, Better Homes […]

A Dose of Reality: Gloor’s Real Estate Update

Real estate has been a focal part of the news for the past few years, and it only makes sense to confront head-on some of the concerns about its struggles. That’s the wise strategy of Better Homes and Gardens Gloor Realty, an Oak Park, Ill.-based client since last November. Around that time, the firm began […]

‘Tis the Season to `Go Green’ With PR

“Green is the new black.” Over a year ago, that phrase was the centerpiece of one of my clients’ involvement with a design project at her alma mater. You can see some of the efforts to the left, and the story here. Stories focusing on environmental stewardship are hot this time of year. Witness recent […]

Timely PR: A `Real Estate Reality Check’

It’s hardly news to report that real estate values have declined lately. But if you find a local, specific angle on that general state of affairs, and back it up with some reliable statistics, it can become news to your target audience. And better still, because you are taking the lead in disseminating the hard […]