Did you know that yesterday was National Child Health Day?

And, at the risk of having you worry why March and May were not designated instead, did you realize that April is Stress Awareness Month?

Growing up, for yours truly, every day was Peanut Butter and Jelly Day. On a broader scale, however, that comfort food-related distinction (National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day) comes only on April 2nd. No fooling.

You get the idea–there are numerous occasions of observance, celebration or recognition. Some are better known than others, and some, as the PB & J Day would indicate, are quirkier and more whimsical. All represent a public relations and marketing opportunity.

One of the basic tenets of effective communication is establishing common ground with others. Usually, that is associated with one individual identifying a common connection with another individual and thereby building rapport.

But the principle applies to matching up your organization’s activity with a constant that we all have in common: the calendar.

Such is the case with an effort on the horizon for Inside Edge PR client McAdam Nursery & Garden Center in Forest Park. Last week, we began media outreach about the First Annual Sweetest Day Weekend Sale, to be held on Oct. 19th (Sweetest Day) and the following day, at McAdam’s Garden Center.

As I noted in the Chicago Tribune’s TribLocal headline, “On Oct. 19-20, Sweet(est) 50% Savings at McAdam Garden Center.”

It’s the end of garden season, and McAdam is looking to clear out inventory, as any prudent business would, by shaving 50 percent off all trees, shrubs and perennials. But that’s not the most catchy of phrases and so “calendar awareness” is what prompted the sweet-sale theme.

When it comes to parlaying a national “day” of one thing or another, you need not be in the PB & J sector or the stress-reduction field to be in business.

Looking for some inspiration? One helpful resource is the National Day Calendar website, and that’s the truth–even if it’s not April 30th when you read this (on National Honesty Day).

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