I began writing for newspapers in 1984, and still do so on rare occasions. It’s rewarding, it’s demanding, and it’s in my blood.

But it’s far from the only channel of communication that I advise my clients to navigate. Increasingly, I am convinced that the written word remains a persuasive force but that its power multiplies when accompanied by a visual component.

Often, that means creating a website so that your audience has 24/7 access to your message. And the message should include photographs and/or video clips.

Some current examples:




And my YouTube channel, at http://www.youtube.com/mb60302, has 70 video clips. The vast majority have been used, or are currently in use, to promote one client or another.

Here is an especially compelling one, showing a Scheck & Siress client who has benefitted from a device known as the WalkAide:

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