Playing basketball over the years, I’ve been pretty adept at offensive rebounding, even if I was no Dennis Rodman (pictured).

Often, it’s because I’ve known better than anyone else on the court exactly how that shot I just took was going to careen wildly off the rim.

I try to adopt the same mindset in life–following up with new acquaintances, old friends and assorted family members in my personal life and, of course, the media in my professional pursuits.

Once they say “yes” to a story, then there’s a fair chance they’ll say “sure, why not?” if I suggest a follow-up piece months or even years later.

When I was a newspaper reporter, a solid chunk of my work was following up on one story or another, whether it was my “Where Are They Now?” columns for The (Elgin, Ill.) Courier News in the early 1990s or keeping track of criminal cases, municipal matters or any variety of news threads that I, or even a colleague, had begun at some point in the past.

This all comes to mind on the heels of Windy City Sports’
recent feature story on Wayne Arner.

He is a member of Five Seasons Sports Club in Northbrook, a client of mine. There, Wayne has transformed his fitness level over the past 2 1/2 years from overweight and easily fatigued to his current stature as a rock-hard triathlete to be reckoned with.

What’s so fun about Wayne’s story is that it’s far from over–he’s just now beginning to hit his stride. And now that he’s been featured in publications like Pioneer Press and Windy City Sports, and on sites like, there’s a natural media interest in checking in on how he’s faring, in order to update readers.

I’ve promised Wayne we won’t use up all of his 15 minutes of fame, but I’ll do my best to fill up as much of that span as possible!

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