The past few days I have been working on a news release about Athletes For Life, and that organization’s efforts, among other initiatives, to provide, at no charge, early detection of heart problems.

There are some major names associated with the group, starting with co-founder and former pro football star Willie Gault (pictured, with Marlene Karman–more on her in a moment). I sense that they just need a little PR support to reap exponential results, at least in terms of awareness.

I’m tying in the group’s upcoming stops with one of my clients, the Five Seasons Sports Clubs in Burr Ridge and Northbrook. It’s always fun when a win-win scenario emerges–by promoting Athletes For Life, in this instance, I am simultaneously promoting Five Seasons.

Marlene Karman Steps Up in Multiple Ways

As so often happens with Five Seasons, it was the initiative of employees that tipped me off to the story. In fact, one of them is Marlene (pictured, with Willie Gault). She is a key volunteer for Athletes For Life. I’ve identified her as a focal point of the story, and some media may be interested in profiling her as much, and maybe even more so, than any of the more prominent names affiliated with the AFL.

First, though, I’ve got to finalize the release and gather photos from Marlene, who has been a joy to work with because she is so passionate about the cause. I’m hoping to wrap up the release by Friday, which would give 11 days’ lead time before the first stop, Sept. 16-17, in Burr Ridge.

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