A few hours ago, I came across a typo on a major newspaper chain’s website. It had misspelled the name of one of the towns in its drop-down index. I alerted an editor I know, and he got it fixed pronto.

“Thanks,” he wrote me. “I can’t believe no one (including me) caught that.”

I can believe it, though. It happens so often that it’s not that tough to locate misspellings (including of the word “misspelling”–a local cable program in my hometown of Marshfield, Mass. once apologized for “mispelling” my name) .

And then there are those words that are spelled correctly, but simply ain’t (OK, “are not”) the proper word to use.

Yesterday I caught one such miscreant (yes, I’m personifying there) on my website’s home page. Intoxicated by my new ability to update any page, any time (after three years of stagnancy), I’ve been tweaking Inside Edge PR’s home page like a kid with his first box of crayons.

My lead line read, “It’s a noisy world. To tell your unique story, how to you rise above the din?”

One way, I decided, was to employ the word “do” instead of “to” toward the end of that query.

Another way, from solo artists to large companies who sometimes suffer from a diffusion of responsibility, is to continually seek out additional sets of eyeballs to save us from our disbelieving selves.

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