Observations from a Cinco de Mayo pick-up of my son after his freshman year at Indiana University:

Glad we have a van with ample room. 

We’ve had the Grand Caravan for a grand total of 15 1/2 years, since the kids were 3-year-olds. It has never been cool, and has increased in its Decidedly Uncool / Borderline Embarrassing status for our children over their three-plus years as motorists. But times like this, it shines.

Pretty neat, huh?

He actually was more organized and prepared than I expected. No, he didn’t have everything boxed and packed and ready to roll. But it only took him about 45 minutes to wrap up.

Compared to what I was like when I finished college–the day before I had to move out of my fraternity, my then-girlfriend (and now-wife) casually asked me when I was going to pack. The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind. Thank goodness for “planners” (and a handful of garbage bags that I used to throw my stuff into).

Time flies, especially with college-age children

There’s that saying, when kids are growing up: “The days are long, but the years are short.” Well, his freshman year seemed to absolutely fly by. Nearly nine months felt closer to nine weeks. In about a month, his sister comes home. Ditto on the nine-week vibe with her.

Gassing  up: A random remnant

Strategically got gasoline in a spot where it was only Ridiculously Expensive vs. Borderline Criminally Expensive. Found a receipt on the ground by the pump, and kept it for some reason. I wonder if I’ll ever dine at La Una Cantina in Bloomington–where some party was enjoying a late-night meal that spilled past midnight last September. With three more years on tap at IU, perhaps we will dine there some day.

And, hey, if whomever dropped it needs it to verify a business expense, here it is!

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