Two years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Keith J. Taylor when he appeared as my guest on “A Beer With Baron.”

Humble, humorous and grateful, this talented cartoonist was a joy to interview.

It was my first segment at One Lake Brewing, on the border of Oak Park and Chicago, after 10 BWB interviews that I conducted at The Beer Shop in Downtown Oak Park. I had visions of conducting a variety of interviews in this new venue, but COVID-19 intervened in early 2020. Turns out that Keith may well have been my final round of this locally produced show for the Village of Oak Park.

Keith Taylor shares a story during our November 2019 interview at One Lake Brewing.
Since our meeting, we kept in touch, primarily via Facebook, as we supported one another via emojis to various posts. During our interview, Keith discussed his battle with cancer–and how he channeled the experience into another burst of creativity.

I knew Keith’s medical struggles continued but was unaware of the extent until I learned the very sad news of Keith’s death last week from Charlie Meyerson, whose Chicago Public Square was a frequent forum for the cartoonist’s creations. As this tribute by one of Keith’s family members noted, his generosity “extended beyond his death: He donated his body to science to help better others’ lives.”

One measure of consolation: among an artist’s perks, in whatever form that art manifests, is the body of creative work that endures beyond his or her time on Earth. In that vein, I am grateful that Keith–complete with his prolific wit, wisdom, hilarity and vibrancy–lives on.

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