Yesterday, I was thoroughly excited to attend the first day of the TEDx Midwest conference at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. And today, I’m headed back for a full slate of speakers who will deliver not only information but inspiration from their varied experiences and points of expertise.

The big-name speaker yesterday was actor and Six Degrees philanthropist Kevin Bacon, who was as charming and self-effacing as you might expect. Though less widely known, the other speakers are notable world-changers in their own diverse ways.

Below is a photograph that I shot of a remarkable and brilliant comic strip-style distillation of all but one of the talks from stage.

The TEDx Midwest 2011 artistic rendering of the “Courage” themed talks.

The banner, the work of Craighton Berman, caught my eye after two hours of sometimes-claustrophobic networking with fellow attendees who spilled into the theater lobby after the presentations.

In addition, I uploaded a video of the banner, zooming in to several key points from each of the speakers. I call it “TEDx Midwest 2011: Inspiration in Under 3 Minutes.”You can find the video uploaded on Inside Edge PR’s Facebook fan page.

On Friday, I shot a slightly longer video of Berman’s work from sessions that day. Check it out at the Inside Edge  PR YouTube channel.

Additional note posted after the conference wrapped up: on his web site, you can now see a full view of Craighton Berman’s visual narratives of 24 TEDx Midwest presentations.)

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