“Visit and “like” our page!”

Really? Why? What's in in it for me?

So declare countless businesses, organizations and causes all over this fair Facebook-land.

They’ve all got the “what” down pat. What’s glaringly absent is the “why.” Why should I like your page? What’s in it for me?

As you ask someone to like this, that or the other thing, then, be sure to address that self-interested question on every prospective fan’s mind.

This hasn’t been an automatic process with me. As I have become the administrator for an increasing number of Facebook fan pages (up to about 15 currently), I have gradually made the journey from “so what?” to “here’s what.”

Breaking it down:

So what?

When I naively would just ask people to become a fan. Why? Because I asked them, of course.

Here’s what

When I convey what’s in it for the prospective fan—whether it be interesting and relevant information, a chance to win prizes—all within Facebook’s rules, of course—or something else that’s more persuasive than a simple hat-in-hand plea to serve my needs.

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