The death of Steve Jobs this week has prompted an increased use of the word “legacy” in tributes far and wide.

Steve Jobs, during the early days of Apple.

But it’s vital that we recognize everyone is building a legacy–and everyone has a distinctive story to share.

What is effective in developing public relations angles is also effective in getting to the heart of what makes anyone tick: a few simple questions, some authentic listening to the responses, and the willingness to invest time in the process.

In your life, which individual or individuals have you been meaning to learn more about? Reach out to them today–don’t wait till you hear their stories in a eulogy.

From one of Inside Edge PR’s training programs, PAVE The Way To Powerful Communication:

Practice active silence–be a sincere audience
Ask engaging questions–find out what makes people tick
Value all people–everyone has a story to share
Expand your comfort zone–you’ll be amazed by what you learn

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