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The Facebook Fan Page Squeeze: 4 Ways to Respond

In the first part of this two-part look at the Facebook fan page squeeze, we covered the ‘honeymoon is over’ reality of any organization that has developed a following on the 10-year-old social media phenomenon. In this second part, we explore four options you have to “face” this uncertain future, each accompanied by a “pro” […]

Facebook’s Fan-Page Squeeze: What Are You Going to Do?

“This post was served to 58 people.” In Facebook’s continually evolving approach to commercial and organizational pages, that turn of phrase is among the latest twists. Previously, the line seen only by page administrators indicated how many people had “seen” the post. The new phrasing is not some subtle semantic shift. Instead, it reflects Facebook’s […]

Going From `What’ to `Why’: Give People A Reason to Like Your Facebook Page

“Visit and “like” our page!” So declare countless businesses, organizations and causes all over this fair Facebook-land. They’ve all got the “what” down pat. What’s glaringly absent is the “why.” Why should I like your page? What’s in it for me? As you ask someone to like this, that or the other thing, then, be […]