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‘Stretch Your Comfort Zone’ is my key message to Concordia University Chicago students

Yesterday, as part of the Concordia University Chicago College of Business Guest  Speaker Series, I shared key principles that have been integral to my professional and personal journey. Among those principles: *Stretch beyond your comfort zone on a regular basis;*Ask for help and seek out mentors in your field of endeavor:*Value all people–not only those you think […]

Drop the Mic Aversion: The Simple Case for Simply Using the Microphone

The term “mic drop” is a relatively recent addition to our language. It refers to the dramatic gesture of punctuating the end of your remarks with the action of dropping your microphone—a bold statement that declares “what else is there to say?” While the brashness of that gesture may be a turn-off to some, it […]

We Hear It, We Say It–We Even Believe It–But The `Less is More’ Truism Can Be Lip Service

“Less is more.” We’ve heard it on countless occasions. We may even have said it more than a few times. And it’s so often the perfect counsel, in any variety of situations. But how often do we blow the opportunity to actually practice it? This comes to mind on the heels of the first candidates’ […]

Know Why it Pays To Take Your Audience’s Pulse?

Notice this post’s headline? Something I learned long ago: the person in control of the conversation is the one asking questions. As a journalist for many years, going back to my days before I was legally able to drive a motor vehicle, asking questions is something that comes naturally to me. It may not be […]

TEDx Midwest 2011: Illustrated, Illustrious Inspiration in Under 3 Minutes

Yesterday, I was thoroughly excited to attend the first day of the TEDx Midwest conference at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. And today, I’m headed back for a full slate of speakers who will deliver not only information but inspiration from their varied experiences and points of expertise. The big-name speaker yesterday was actor and Six […]