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Inside Edge PR, `PR Secrets’ Workshop Receives Testimonial from Suze Solari

Testimonials are a great way to build your brand and build trust with your target market. Anyone can toot their own–it’s much more convincing when someone else does it for (and about) you. Along with other pointers last month, the above message was part of what I conveyed to about 20 local business owners and […]

On October 16th in Oak Park: “PR Secrets From a Media Insider”

Since 2001, associations and companies across the United States have hired Matt Baron of Inside Edge PR to train thousands of journalists, publicists and other professionals to develop immediately applicable, improved story-telling skills.   On Tuesday, Oct. 16th, through an Oak Park – River Forest (OPRF) Chamber of Commerce Lunch and Learn at Adam Doe State Farm, he […]

Know Why it Pays To Take Your Audience’s Pulse?

Notice this post’s headline? Something I learned long ago: the person in control of the conversation is the one asking questions. As a journalist for many years, going back to my days before I was legally able to drive a motor vehicle, asking questions is something that comes naturally to me. It may not be […]

“PR Secrets From a Media Insider” Update

Since last August, I have held 10 “PR Secrets from a Media Insider” workshops, the past four months next to my current office space, in a conference room of 1111 South Blvd. in downtown Oak Park. Based on the needs and wants of attendees, I tailor each program within the 11-page workbook that I’ve created. […]

When One-Sided Claims Masquerade As News

During my most recent “PR Secrets From a Media Insider” workshop a few days ago, a local businessman asked what time of day deadlines typically happen for the media. Ten or 15 years ago, I could have easily laid out some specific windows of time, I replied. But these days, I added, the answer is […]

On August 12: PR Secrets From a Media Insider

Where will you be four weeks from Wednesday, on the evening of August 12th? If you are anywhere near Oak Park–and are in the market for immediately useful and practical tools to improve your public-relations efforts–then you should consider attending PR Secrets From a Media Insider. Full disclosure: I am a biased source, since I […]