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Headlines Can Be Murder: FOX 32 News Flub Exposes Risk of Fast-Moving Media

Writing headlines is a lot easier said than done. It requires creativity, as long as you don’t get “too creative” and veer into distasteful or otherwise dubious terrain. It demands brevity, but not so succinct that you fail to communicate some gist of the story that follows. And, of course, it ought to be brimming […]

Premature Reports of JoePa’s Death: When Being First Trumps Being Sure

Growing up in journalism, I would periodically hear of the profession’s learning curve, which included making your first mistakes in smaller markets. The key was to learn from those missteps and thereby become less prone to major blunders at larger publications. That was in the 1980s, when a story I wrote in the Marshfield Mariner took […]

When One-Sided Claims Masquerade As News

During my most recent “PR Secrets From a Media Insider” workshop a few days ago, a local businessman asked what time of day deadlines typically happen for the media. Ten or 15 years ago, I could have easily laid out some specific windows of time, I replied. But these days, I added, the answer is […]