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Medill Name Change Inspires Mischief-Making

Me in my succinctly stated sweatshirt. The journalism school where I studied at Northwestern University used to be known simply as the Medill School of Journalism. Often it has been referred to even more simply as “Medill.” With only a period after it. Or so my increasingly tattered sweatshirt declares. That piece of punctuation proclaimed, […]

Timely PR Tips: How To Get Free Publicity

For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of sports writing has always been the vast array of cool action verbs that you can use in describing a game’s outcome. Routed, pummelled, thrashed, drubbed, nipped, shocked, trounced, to name only a few. In a similar vein, I suspect that journalists covering the economy these days […]

Alphabet Soup: Consume With Caution

We live in the USA–the United States of Acronymia. What’s your initial reaction to that twist on our country’s name? LOL? See, only two sentences into this post, and I’ve dropped two acronyms on you. Lost yet? (LOL is “laugh out loud,” by the way.) One of the biggest enemies of clarity in communication is […]

Partnering With The Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

One of my new clients this month is the Illinois Association of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine (ILaaom). Until a few days ago, I had met only a few of the board members of the thriving, 150-member group. Then, on Sunday, ILaaom invited me to address members and their guests (see photo on right) at their […]