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Chicago Pediatric Dentist Spotlights National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month, so there’s no better time to get the word out about the importance of proper dental care for youngsters. Dr. Jerry Udelson, a successful pediatric dentist in Forest Park, is tying in the national awareness campaign with a mini-barnstorming tour on the local level here in the near […]

TEDx Midwest 2011: Illustrated, Illustrious Inspiration in Under 3 Minutes

Yesterday, I was thoroughly excited to attend the first day of the TEDx Midwest conference at the Oriental Theatre in Chicago. And today, I’m headed back for a full slate of speakers who will deliver not only information but inspiration from their varied experiences and points of expertise. The big-name speaker yesterday was actor and Six […]

Rahm Emanuel Residency Brouhaha is Latest in Chicago Area’s Storied `Silly Season’ History

Rahm Emanuel, (occasional) Chicago resident The residency flap over Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel is just a variation on the “Silly Season” theme in Chicago-area politics. Six years ago, one of the central characters in the Emanuel controversy, Burt Odelson, was in the midst of a scrum in Cicero that I covered for the Chicago Tribune. […]

NAIOP Marks A New Writing Adventure

A new writing client of mine is NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. The acronym, by the way, rhymes with “skytop.” It’s a fitting memory device, considering my first assignment, in March, was to write a summary of “A View from the Top: The Nation’s leading Real Estate CEOs Provide Insight Into The Industrial […]

A Post-Script to Chicago’s Unsuccessful 2016 Olympic Bid

Whether they supported the 2016 Olympic bid or not, Chicagoans are in a state of shock that the city failed to make it out of the 1st round today, let alone did not emerge with the site selection. And now comes the Friday-afternoon quarterbacking. Among the questions already being raised: Is it possible that Chicago […]

ULI Update: State of the Industrial Market in Chicago

A few weeks ago, I had my latest writing assignment with the Chicago chapter of the Urban Land Institute. The session covered the “State of the Industrial Market: Past, Present and Future Opportunities” in the Chicago area. You can also check out prior blog posts about ULI topics I’ve covered, from talks the organization held […]

ULI Summary: Niche Property Classes

Freezing temperatures and the Urban Land Institute: the two will be forever linked in my memory. That’s because last Thursday, very possibly the coldest day of my life (it was about 20 degrees below zero), I trekked to the Union League Club to cover a meeting of the Urban Land Institute’s Chicago chapter. The topic: […]

Azure Horizons: Good Deed Gets Published

In late October, when Azure Horizons owner Keith Carrizosa (pictured, on the left) hired me to tell the story of his company’s role in donating computers to Roberto Clemente High School in Chicago, we described it as “no good deed shall go unpublished.” Well, it’s gratifying to know that others agree. In addition to receiving […]

Blog Discipline Breeds PR Benefits

Six months ago, I would advise clients to consider starting a blog. You can show your expertise, I would explain, give your target audience something new to check out, and so forth. I don’t think anybody heeded my suggestion. Seemed like so much busy work, I’m sure. At the time, I was “too busy” to get […]

In Praise Of the Urban Land Institute

I receive zero compensation for sick days and vacation, I pay for my family’s medical insurance out of my own pocket, and my boss–the guy I see in the mirror–often orders me to show up for work before 7 a.m. But as I approach my 10th anniversary of self-employment, I wouldn’t have it any other […]