ULI Assignment: J.C. Nichols Prize Luncheon Honoring Chicago Mayor Richard Daley

A few days ago, Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley was named the 2010 laureate for the Urban Land Institute J.C. Nichols Prize for Visionaries in Urban Development.

Through my ongoing writing engagements for the ULI’s Chicago District, I had the privilege of being at the Art Institute of Chicago to chronicle the event.

In addition to gathering brief remarks on video from about a dozen prominent business and civic leaders, my summary was posted on ULI Chicago’s website.

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Real Estate Investment Acquisitions: The Written Summary for Urban Land Institute

In the wake of a gridlocked transaction market these last couple of years, “thawing out” only begins to describe what’s most recently been happening in the real estate investment acquisition market.

That’s the start of my summary of the April 29, 2010, meeting of the Urban Land Institute’s Chicago District Council, whose members gathered at the Union League Club in Chicago.

To check out the rest of the write-up, click here.

NAIOP Marks A New Writing Adventure

A new writing client of mine is NAIOP, the Commercial Real Estate Development Association. The acronym, by the way, rhymes with “skytop.”

It’s a fitting memory device, considering my first assignment, in March, was to write a summary of “A View from the Top: The Nation’s leading Real Estate CEOs Provide Insight Into The Industrial Market.”

A week ago, I covered a panel discussion of “Chicago Rail: Economic Development for the Region.”

Much like my experience with the Chicago district of the Urban Land Institute, writing for NAIOP has been a most educational experience.

More than once, the remarks have sent me scurrying to the Internet to dig for more context. With my most recent write-up, I even included a bevy of links to aid others who may be inclined to do the same additional research.

To quote from the assocation’s website, NAIOP is “the leading organization for developers, owners and related professionals in office, industrial and mixed-use real estate.”

Want to learn more? Click the link that appears with this post’s first word.

ULI Update: Writing About the Future of Retail

A year ago, I began writing summaries of panel discussions of the Urban Land Institute’s Chicago chapter. Two days ago, after a summer hiatus, the ULI resumed those meetings with “The Future of U.S. Retail-How a Changed Consumer Will Affect Retail Real Estate.”

As usual, the speakers were brimming with insight, which I did my best to encapsulate, complete with Mick Jagger lyrics, and appears on the ULI-Chicago website.

Of the numerous data points divulged on Wednesday at the Union League Club in downtown Chicago, here’s the one I found most intriguing: the year when the United States is projected to be its “oldest” is 2037. God willing, I’ll be turning 69 that year, doing my part to justify that collective elder-statesman distinction.

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ULI Update: State of the Industrial Market in Chicago

A few weeks ago, I had my latest writing assignment with the Chicago chapter of the Urban Land Institute. The session covered the “State of the Industrial Market: Past, Present and Future Opportunities” in the Chicago area.

You can also check out prior blog posts about ULI topics I’ve covered, from talks the organization held last November, as well as in January and in March.