Last Thursday, I had the good fortune of attending Joe Takash’s talk, “The Values that Drive Opportunity,” at Via Bella in Countryside.

The event was part of raising more than $3,500 for a program of the Greater LaGrange YMCA. You can read more about the presentation here at (That’s Joe in the photo, standing on the left, with LaGrange Business Association President Ryan Williamson.)

One of the outstanding elements of Joe’s approach was how he repeatedly illustrated the success principles he talked about by turning the spotlight on members of the audience.

Like a quarterback who gives generous praise to the linemen who protect him, Joe provided a great reminder that life–and success we achieve in it–is very much a team sport.

When’s the last time you cheered on someone else who has helped you get to wherever you are? Make it a habit, and chances are you’ll go farther, faster–and have still more reason to express your gratitude.

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