What are you passionate about?

Kathleen Frantz of Oak Park is dedicated to serving those in need. And she’s building an entire business model around it.

You can also check out this TribLocal photo gallery of “Heroic Kitchens.”

Earlier today, Inside Edge PR posted this news release at TribLocal about “Heroic Kitchens with Katy Frantz” in which she is auditioning for a talk show on the Oprah Winfrey Network

Her proactive style is a reflection of the increasing avenues for entrepreneurially minded individuals to take PR into their own hands.

I call it the “Guttenberg Effect,” in which anyone with a little training and a good dose of ambition can develop their own media outlets.

To view and consider voting for “Heroic Kitchens”—remember, you can vote early and vote often every day—click here.

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