It’s National Burger Day on May 28 and so Inside Edge PR is in the midst of developing a promotional effort marking that day, as well as the week sandwiching it, for client Burger Boss, a terrific and popular new restaurant in Elmwood Park, Ill. (later re-named Burger Moovment).

However, it’s one thing to come up with a fun and memorable marketing idea–and quite another to be able to have it dovetail with operational reality. so when I shot the draft news release to co-owner Anthony Gambino, I acknowledged, “Just trying to give you an idea of what could be, and you can let me know what can be (based on operational realities).”

As I expected, Anthony replied with a scaled-down, simpler plan that couid be woven seamlessly into their customer service. The back-and-forth between me and Anthony reflects clear-eyed cooperation–understanding that you need to find that sweet spot where marketing/PR and effective operations can meet.

Big Marketing Vision, Practical Business Needs

I’ve fallen prey to this enthusiasm for pie-in-the-sky visions that, within milliseconds of a client’s review, have crashed and burned. It’s tempting to get swept away and devote significant chunks of time to grandiose plans.

But it’s foolish to do so without bothering to see how those visions will affect the actual conducting of business.

So before you get in too deep with that fancy Father’s Day promo or that pyrotechnically phenomenal Fourth of July, check in with the guys and gals over on the other side of the business equation. And, hey, if your name is Burger, Berger or Boss, swing by Burger Boss on May 28th!

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