The July issue of REALTOR magazine is online, including my story on niches. “Own Your Niche.” The story’s sub-headline: “Make a name for yourself by carving a real estate specialty that combines your interests with local market opportunities.”

What is true in real estate is true in so many fields. The ability to distance yourself from the pack in a clear, compelling way is a huge asset. It’s also one of the prerequisites for being truly newsworthy.

What skills and passions do you have in more ample supply than just about anyone else? Continually identifying those elements is a most worthwhile exercise because it leads to bottom-line sales and profitability.

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1 thoughts on “Story on Niches in July Issue of REALTOR

  1. Plum Pads, LLC : Premium Rentals says:

    Matt, Great article in July/August Realtor magazine. It is so true… I am a Realtor in South Florida and when the market starting changing I had to switch immediate gears from a Firm specializing in pre- construction to a firm specializing in the Rental Market. Either way, I specialized and have been know for the niche market I mastered. I applied for a dual brokerage license and set up a new firm Premium Rentals. We are trusted advisers in the rental market now..

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