When considering your public relations campaign, it’s obvious that timing is a crucial ingredient.

Want to make a pitch about your cause or business that is tied to the Super Bowl? You’re pretty late–or extremely early, depending on which football title game you’re thinking of.

Interested in raising awareness about your work at a prestigious kitchen walk that happened on Mother’s Day? While it’s tempting to think the moment has come and gone—the occasion was 45 days ago, after all—don’t be too hasty in dismissing the potential.

If you have some other elements in your favor, then you still have a viable story to pitch.

And there’s no element stronger than a great story. Defining “great story” is subjective, of course. But having written thousands of pieces–some compelling, others not so spine-tingling–over the course of 20 years as a journalist, I am confident that I know one when I see it.

Shari and Tom Murphy, clients of Denise Hauser Design.

Such was the case recently with work that Denise Hauser of Oak Park-based Denise Hauser Design had provided for Shari and Tom Murphy of Hinsdale.

It wasn’t the design in isolation—it was how the design, recognized for its superior quality in the Hinsdale Cooks! House Walk on Mother’s Day, meshed with the bigger picture of a longtime foster family’s passion to care for the little children whose lives they touch.

You can read the story at TribLocal.com, among other outlets.

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