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‘Packing for Retirement’ & Beyond: Jim Flanagan’s Passion to Help Older Adults

Trying to make heads or tails of health care, with its seemingly endless changes and complexity, is enough to make just about anyone queasy. Against that backdrop, a retirement planning expert who speaks with clarity and authority is the perfect antidote. That’s one of the ways that Inside Edge PR introduces Jim Flanagan. In this […]

On the Road Again: 5 Steps for More PR Mileage

A traveling circus and an educational presentation that is duplicated at multiple locations over a concentrated period of time–pretty strange bedfellows. Or are they? At first blush, these might seem to have nothing to do with another, but when it comes to marketing communications, both represent excellent opportunities for ongoing public relations. At the heart […]

The River Forest Citizen Corps Wants YOU

Last week, I had the honor of writing and distributing a news release on behalf of my friend, Jim Flanagan. It bears the headline, “River Forest Citizen Corps Seeks to Educate, Enlist Volunteers for Emergency Preparedness.” Over the past year or so, Jim has led a group of volunteers who have poured their time and […]