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George Hood’s Guinness World Record in the Plank Propels Post-Event PR Push

It’s been almost a week since he did it, and I’m still stunned by George Hood’s latest Guinness World Record. In a blog post just over two weeks ago, I noted Inside Edge PR’s efforts on George’s behalf, as he was about to make his bid to break the record (50 minutes, 11 seconds) for an […]

Encore: George Hood Vies For Guinness World Record–This Time in the Plank

George Hood is at it again. More than a quarter-century after he first set a Guinness World Record in the realm of self-inflicted physical pain (OK, let’s call it ultra-endurance), he’ll be going after another mark. This time, instead of jumping rope for more than 13 hours (as in 1986) or riding a spin cycle for more than […]