George Hood is at it again.

More than a quarter-century after he first set a Guinness World Record in the realm of self-inflicted physical pain (OK, let’s call it ultra-endurance), he’ll be going after another mark.

This time, instead of jumping rope for more than 13 hours (as in 1986) or riding a spin cycle for more than nine days (as in his increasingly lengthy record-setting efforts the past few years), he will be doing the “plank,” more technically known as the static abdominal hold.

George Hood, during training for his assault on the record in the "plank."

I think my record in the plank is 39 seconds–I much prefer looking up old stats of hard-hitting Chicago Bears safety Doug Plank than subjecting myself to such agony. George says some people can go for a few minutes, bless their abdominally focused hearts.

Of course, since he is so young (not quite 54!), George will aim for more than an hour (not a typo–we’re talking 60 minutes here). The date for the attempt is Saturday, Dec. 3, starting at 9 a.m. at Eggsperience Pancakes and Cafe in Naperville.

You can read the Inside Edge PR news release at TribLocal.

And for prior blog posts I’ve written about George and his amazing exploits with pushing his mind and body to ever-awe-inspiring limits, click here.


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