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For Media Relations, Twitter Is For the Birds–Especially the Early Ones Seeking the Worm

“Twitter is for the birds.” So goes the silly refrain–still–from some quarters, including one particularly troll-like alum of my journalism school who I suspect just likes to goad folks into foaming at the mouth. Having opened a Twitter account four years ago, I have long seen the benefits of the social-media platform, both under my @InsideEdge handle […]

Spreading the PR Wealth: Be Alert to Media’s Need and Be Willing to Share the Spotlight

The laurels keep coming for J.C. Restoration, which last week learned that it had received the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.In the last year, the Rolling Meadows-based company and its president, Warner Cruz, have won at least four significant industry, regional and even national awards, including Cruz’s selection as […]

Finding the Media’s Need and Filling It: Tips on Shining a PR Light Amid the Storms

  A J.C. Restoration Large Loss Catastrophe Bus “Give the media what they need, and you will get what you want.” I’ve uttered that so many times to my clients that it’s become a mantra. What the media need: legitimate news. What clients want: to get their name “out there” in the various media outlets. […]

A Delightful Dilemma: Scrambling To Keep Pace With Fast-Growing J.C. Restoration

It’s a blast working with a company that is clearly on the grow, as is the case with one of Inside Edge PR’s newer clients, J.C. Restoration. Among other developments, the company recently hosted Continuing Education courses at its 102,000-square-foot facility in Rolling Meadows. And company president Warner Cruz is developing this uncanny habit of […]

Partnering With J.C. Restoration & EnergyMen

It’s been exceedingly hectic at Inside Edge PR the last month, so today’s ditty will consist of a brief mention of two firms that have recently retained Inside Edge PR. (Come to think of it, their addition has been a significant reason for the rapid pace of work.) One is Rolling Meadows-based J.C. Restoration and […]