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Cubs Tattoo Helps Flesh Out Story on Political Newcomer

Eye-catching photos are a writer’s best friend, drawing the reader into the story while fleshing out an element or two contained in the piece. Case in point: my November 2004 story on Larry Dominick when he was an early-bird candidate for town president of Cicero, Illinois, on Chicago’s western border. My most frequent photographic partner […]

Smartphone Proves to Be Powerful PR Asset

You know that whole business about sliced bread–as in, this or that development being the “best thing since” the aforementioned subdivided sandwich-centric food item? This generation may want to revise that line and insert “smartphone cameras” in sliced bread’s clichéd place. For a few years, my HTC Evo has taken photographs with remarkable clarity. It […]

Checkmate: Page 1 Wednesday Journal Photo Mirrors My Recent TribLocal Contribution

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then two remarkably reminiscent photos ought to be worth at least a 250-word blog post. Two weeks ago, as I loaded my kids into the family van outside my office near downtown Oak Park, I noticed two men playing chess on the trunk of a taxi. It was too cool […]

Oak Park’s Own: Q & A With Stephen Green

Six weeks ago, in a prior Inside Edge PR post, I noted my interview with Stephen Green, the Chicago Cubs’ official photographer for more than 25 years. Joe Kreml, of the village of Oak Park, recently wrapped up editing the Q & A and did an outstanding job. The segment, “Oak Park’s Own: Stephen Green,” ought […]