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Stretching Comfort Zone Adds Voices, Enriches Stories

Telling stories is a never-ending series of judgment calls. What do we put in? What do we leave out? When do we stop? Where on earth do we begin? Is my deadline really three minutes away? From that long list of self-inquiry, let us focus on one of the most important—and imposing—questions of all: To […]

Checkmate: Page 1 Wednesday Journal Photo Mirrors My Recent TribLocal Contribution

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then two remarkably reminiscent photos ought to be worth at least a 250-word blog post. Two weeks ago, as I loaded my kids into the family van outside my office near downtown Oak Park, I noticed two men playing chess on the trunk of a taxi. It was too cool […]

Media Free-For-All Presents Opportunity

Some thoughts spring to mind on the heels of the Democratic National Convention, where bloggers played an increasingly influential role. In 2000, when I began working a four-year stretch as a freelance reporter for Time magazine’s Chicago bureau, I was amused by the speed with which sources returned my calls. If I had called those […]