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Positively Connecting Your (Seemingly) Disconnected Past With Your Present

Erik Knowles, the new fitness director at Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Burr Ridge, spots personal trainer Mike Sullivan last week at the club. What does military service have to do with being a fitness director at a sports club? When it comes to forging relationships with your audience, it’s essential to take the […]

In `Thank You Economy,’ 2% Extra Effort Can Reap Major Public Relations, Marketing Mileage

Exactly a week ago, my kids got an unexpected treat at Pump It Up in Elmhurst. As it happened, last Monday was their 8th birthday, and the trip was a last-minute addition in an already-crowded day of activity for my wife. As she filled out the admission form for the duo, she mentioned that she was not suffering […]

Who is your audience? And other questions…

Just what is public relations? It can mean different things to different people, but taking a look at a definition carved out at Wikipedia offers one version. And focusing on various portions of that definition can spur on any number of questions. Here’s one, when thinking about “exposure to your audience”: Who is your audience? […]

LinkedIn Survey Feature Shows Promise

With each passing day, it seems, something new emerges in the social-media realm. Or, to be more accurate, a new tweak comes to my attention for the first time. Two weeks ago, it was my discovery that you can create surveys on LinkedIn, the professional-networking site. Immediately, I did what I suggest anyone do when […]

Contacting The Media: Your First Goal

Do you have 30 seconds? Is this a good time for you to read my blog? Silly questions, I know. Why don’t I just get to the point? OK, here it is: When dialing up someone in the media, if you want to communicate with power and persuasion, then make sure they have at least […]