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Social Media’s Powerful Domino Effect

If any organization had any doubts about the urgent importance of monitoring its brand, 24/7, then the recent Domino’s Pizza controversy offers a compelling cautionary tale. Millions have seen videos of a few since-fired employees as they behave in a disgusting manner as they prepare food. You can link to those videos through a report […]

Biz Publication Includes My Social-Media Tips

Sometimes my work goes in streaks. There have been times when I simultaneously represented four different medical providers–an obstetrician, a neurologist, a chiropractor and an acupuncturist. In the past year, I’ve had a fair share of real estate-related work, both as a freelance writer for REALTOR magazine and as a publicist for the irrepressible Roz […]

Time To `De-Link’ a Non-Responsive Contact?

Last week, I recommended three people who had recently LinkedIn with me, bringing the tally of folks I’ve endorsed to nearly 50. For me, the quality of my contacts is much more important than the quantity. In fact, I’m mulling whether to drop one individual from my LinkedIn roster after he did not respond to […]