Did I mention that my son is a budding basketball star?

Well, to put it more modestly, he tallied his first points in a competitive basketball game earlier this month. To be more precise, I could tell you how he gained control of an up-for-grabs pass (very common among 7- and 8-year-old hoopsters), positioned his body to protect it from a defender, set his feet, eyed the rim and then launched a 12-footer from his right hip.

The ball caromed off the backboard and swished perfectly through the hoop.

Yes, I could recite all of those details–and provide further embellishment. Or I could simply direct you to click on the video below (less than 30 seconds).

Which is more compelling? More apt to catch your attention and create a more lasting impression?

As much as I’d like to think that my writing is poetic and powerful, in certain instances, like this one, it’s no match for video.

As I noted in the first Tips From the Inside Edge post nearly three years ago, video is a powerful public relations ally for a number of reasons. Here are three:

1. They tell the story directly to the world, without needing any intermediary’s approval or being subject to any intermediary’s mistakes of omission or commission.

2. They offer the media a more compelling story suggestion, and can tip them across that intangible line, from somewhat interested to very interested, which means all the difference between taking a pass on the story to passing along the story idea to the assignment producer or editor.

3. If the media pursue the story, it provides them with a resource to share with their audience, further expanding your reach via both traditional (media) and non-traditional (user-generated websites) means.

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