It isn’t quite the opposite of public relations—that would
be private estrangement—but there are some instances where an individual or organization needs what I call “private relations.”

Now, before you misconstrue that term with some scandalous undertones, let’s elaborate on private relations, at least in this context: it’s the ability to connect more effectively on the frontlines of making your next sale, but without a broader public communications component.

For example, let’s imagine an exotic car dealer who wants to close on more prospective customers but doesn’t want to expose himself to a heightened threat of vandalism, theft or other modes of mischief. He wants his unassuming warehouse to remain anonymous, which could be tough to do if a media outlet airs or publishes a feature about his thriving operation.

In this instance, private relations calls for the creation of high-quality, compelling and persuasive content, but only for the eyes of the next prospect. The approach can help the dealer expand his profit margin without an accompanying spike in his security vulnerability.

A critical element in developing that content is to understand the common objections that a prospect might have, and then overcome those concerns through story-telling. That story-telling can come in any variety of forms, but if high-end auto sales have anything in common with other corners of the marketplace, there’s a good bet the leading candidates would include:

*case studies of previous, elated customers
*development of a FAQ sheet
*testimonials from credible sources about the integrity and character of the proprietor
*a well-written, professional biography of the proprietor

When your “public” is a tiny, but strategic, fraction of the world, then private relations may be the right course of discreet action for you.

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