It’s been awhile since I wrote about hotels.

I’ve written about events at hotels, provided feature reporting for Time magazine on boutique hotels–and even went into one hotel room, right after a police officer, to report on a young man who had fallen to his death from a ledge.

But it wasn’t until 10 days ago that I wrote about the hotel industry as a whole. It came in the form of a summary report of “The State of the Chicago Hotel Market and Its Reflection of Economic Conditions,” at an Urban Land Institute meeting.

The speakers I chronicled offered a good news/bad news report–with the good news coming only after some immediate-term bad news the industry is grappling with.

Fittingly enough, the session was at a swanky hotel known as theWit in downtown Chicago. Previous ULI summaries I’ve done are linked from a prior Inside Edge PR blog post.

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