A Delightful Dilemma: Scrambling To Keep Pace With Fast-Growing J.C. Restoration

It’s a blast working with a company that is clearly on the grow, as is the case with one of Inside Edge PR’s newer clients, J.C. Restoration. Among other developments, the company recently hosted Continuing Education courses at its 102,000-square-foot facility in Rolling Meadows.

And company president Warner Cruz is developing this uncanny habit of winning awards left and right. In May, he was named Small Business Person of the Year in Illinois, leading to coverage in publications such as Hoy (click on the image below).

The latest is the Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the Chicago Latino Network.

The flurry of positivity creates a wonderful dilemma, as one of my biggest challenges is prioritizing the company’s growing list of accomplishments and outreaches. For instance, when shooting and posting video, do we want to put it first on J.C. Restoration’s Facebook Fan Page or do we upload it to the J.C. Restoration YouTube channel?

The answer, of course, is to post the good news in as many spots as possible.

Like Hansel & Gretel, publicists need to keep alert to any way we can drop our marketing bread crumbs for folks to find along their day-to-day paths.

And you may not need to know much about the company know, but if your building is damaged by floor, fire or some other calamity, you’re going to want to know more how to reach J.C. Restoration,

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