Home Insulation Tips Expand Comfort Zone

One of the cool things about working with a variety of clients is that it stretches me well beyond my comfort zone. Really, a more apt word than “comfort” might be “familiarity”: it’s not so much that I’m initially uncomfortable with a given industry, or topic within that industry, as I am largely clueless about it.

In the process of being thrust beyond my comfort, or familiarity, zone, I gradually expand what is comfortable, or familiar, to me.

A recent case in point: talking with Scott Grafft (pictured) of EnergyMen to gather enough raw material to write a news release about home insulation, on behalf of EnergyMen, the company that Scott and Gary Quateman operate.

The Chicago-based firm personifies its work as “Home Comfort Heroes” as EnergyMen helps homeowners transform their abodes into energy-efficient shape.

I am not handy around the house–I have trouble locating the toolbox, let alone figuring out why my wife is asking me to grab a wrench that some guy named Allen apparently left behind years ago.

But in time, through working with EnergyMen, I am confident that I’ll at least be able to start talking a good house game. You can see the news release, “Home Insulation: 3 Keys to Energy Efficiency,” at TribLocal.com.

Oh, and one last thing: Allen, if you’re out there somewhere, drop me a line and we’ll figure out a way to get this wrench back into your hands.

Partnering With J.C. Restoration & EnergyMen

It’s been exceedingly hectic at Inside Edge PR the last month, so today’s ditty will consist of a brief mention of two firms that have recently retained Inside Edge PR.

(Come to think of it, their addition has been a significant reason for the rapid pace of work.)

One is Rolling Meadows-based J.C. Restoration and the other is EnergyMen, with Chicago headquarters and clientele throughout the region.

More details of each firm in the time to come.

Meantime, check out this Warner Cruz profile, about J.C. Restoration’s president being named Small Business Person of the Year for Illinois, and 2nd Runner-Up nationally.