One of the cool things about working with a variety of clients is that it stretches me well beyond my comfort zone. Really, a more apt word than “comfort” might be “familiarity”: it’s not so much that I’m initially uncomfortable with a given industry, or topic within that industry, as I am largely clueless about it.

In the process of being thrust beyond my comfort, or familiarity, zone, I gradually expand what is comfortable, or familiar, to me.

A recent case in point: talking with Scott Grafft (pictured) of EnergyMen to gather enough raw material to write a news release about home insulation, on behalf of EnergyMen, the company that Scott and Gary Quateman operate.

The Chicago-based firm personifies its work as “Home Comfort Heroes” as EnergyMen helps homeowners transform their abodes into energy-efficient shape.

I am not handy around the house–I have trouble locating the toolbox, let alone figuring out why my wife is asking me to grab a wrench that some guy named Allen apparently left behind years ago.

But in time, through working with EnergyMen, I am confident that I’ll at least be able to start talking a good house game. You can see the news release, “Home Insulation: 3 Keys to Energy Efficiency,” at

Oh, and one last thing: Allen, if you’re out there somewhere, drop me a line and we’ll figure out a way to get this wrench back into your hands.

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