My Face-to-Face With (Another) Matt Baron

Seeing double: can you spot Matt Baron in this photo? I’m the one on the right. (Photo by Jose P. Moreno/Inside Edge PR)

A few weeks ago, my intern, Jose P. Moreno, wrote a review of Future Hits, which played at the Oak Park Public Library.

At the end of the piece, which appeared on the Oak Park-River Forest Patch, there’s only a hint of a rather surreal experience:

Inside Edge PR’s principal is Matt W. Baron; the Future Hits frontman is Matt L. Baron. They met for the first time at the library performance.

A few days ago, in my column, I took time to offer some more background about the encounter. You can check it out here: “Staying (Google) alert to your namesake; my face-to-face with Matt Baron.”



A Brave, New Archive-Friendly World

When I began writing for newspapers, in 1984, I needed to clip stories myself and make photocopies if I wanted to ensure keeping track of those pieces.

Today, nearly a quarter-century later, the Internet has created an entirely new archive-friendly world.

A few years ago, for example, I began using Google Web Alerts to tip me off when a particular word or phrase appeared in cyberspace. So any time I begin working for a new client, I add their name to my list.

I also have my own name flagged, and intriguingly enough, it’s not only new content that pops up in the alerts. Just today, a five-year-old item, a brief ditty on that I wrote for Time magazine, came back around.

So did recent material, such as summaries I’ve written for the Urban Land Institute’s Chicago chapter.

If you are in business–and especially in the business of seeing how your business is being portrayed online–then enlisting the help from services like Google Alerts is imperative.

In addition to your own business or organization, you may want to keep tabs on your competitors and general information about your industry.

To set up your own, free Google alert(s), click here.