My Latest Guest Spot on `Smart Behaviors’

Last week, I was a pleased to be a guest on Joe Takash’s Smart Behaviors Radio Show.

I came on after the featured guest, Cheryl Cran, a little over 30 minutes into the program. Joe asked me to discuss the principles of PAVE, which I created about eight years ago and have provided the framework for some of my seminar work:

P Practice active silence–be a sincere audience
A Ask engaging questions–find out what makes people tick
V Value all people–everyone has a story to share
E Expand your comfort zone–you’ll be amazed by what you learn

In April, I was also on Joe’s outstanding program, which airs on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. I wrote about my experience at that time.

Share the Spotlight, Spread Your Success

Last Thursday, I had the good fortune of attending Joe Takash’s talk, “The Values that Drive Opportunity,” at Via Bella in Countryside.

The event was part of raising more than $3,500 for a program of the Greater LaGrange YMCA. You can read more about the presentation here at (That’s Joe in the photo, standing on the left, with LaGrange Business Association President Ryan Williamson.)

One of the outstanding elements of Joe’s approach was how he repeatedly illustrated the success principles he talked about by turning the spotlight on members of the audience.

Like a quarterback who gives generous praise to the linemen who protect him, Joe provided a great reminder that life–and success we achieve in it–is very much a team sport.

When’s the last time you cheered on someone else who has helped you get to wherever you are? Make it a habit, and chances are you’ll go farther, faster–and have still more reason to express your gratitude.

My `Smart Behavior Strategies’ Moment

Today, on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel, I had the honor of being a guest on Smart Behavior Strategies with Joe Takash.

Last week, Joe had Jeffrey Gitomer on as a guest and in the coming weeks he will be interviewing top business leaders like Brian Tracy, Tony Allesandra, Patrick Lencioni and several other best-selling authors.

Just a few minutes of listening to Joe (author of Results Through Relationships and owner of Victory Consulting) is enough to see how he’s able to draw such immense talent: he is by turns hilarious, insightful, poignant, self-effacing and dynamic.

Above all, though, Joe delivers golden nuggets of practical wisdom borne of years in the business world.

So there I was this morning, smack dab in the middle of all those luminaries, for about a half-hour.

There was a reference to Starsky & Hutch, the “Guttenberg Effect” that I’ve coined, a pop math quiz that caught me only slightly off-guard, and discussion of the most common press release mistakes to avoid.

If you want to listen to our wide-ranging talk, through the wonders of modern technology, you can. It was entitled “Get Connected: Communication Secrets from a Media Insider.”

A big “thank you” to Joe for inviting me on his show, and for allowing me to share some of my views with his listeners.

"Results Through Relationships" Author Talks His Walk in New Business Book

When my wife recently embarked on a top-secret mission to solicit letters from relatives, friends and work colleagues for my 40th birthday, she wasn’t sure how to categorize a few people as she assembled the letters.

Were they friends or work colleagues? One such individual was Joe Takash, who undoubtedly is a friend first, and a colleague second.

That’s because Joe is so committed to developing meaningful, transparent, fully engaged relationships that go beyond “getting the job done.” And as a result, when there is a job to get done, it is accomplished far more effectively than if our connection were business first and relationship a distant second.

Joe is president of Victory Consulting, a performance management firm based in the Chicago area that specializes in the areas of leadership, customer/client service excellence, presentation skills and employee motivation. For more than 20 years and over the course of more than 3,000 speaking programs, Joe has been on the frontlines of personal and professional development.

So it’s only fitting that I readily agreed, at Joe’s request, to help get the word out about his recently published book, Results Through Relationships: Building Trust, Performance, and Profit Through People. (Wiley, Sept. 2008)

Our relationship began seven years ago, after I e-mailed Joe to compliment him on the practical, humorous truths he was sharing in “A Kick In the Attitude,” the business/motivational column he would go on to write for six years for Star Newspapers in suburban Chicago.

Since then, our friendship and burgeoning business partnership has been a microcosm of what Joe lays out so well in his excellent book. At the heart of what Joe preaches–and it stems from what he practices and so commandingly guides his clients to practice–is transparency and an obsession with adding value to others’ lives.

Three months ago, I wrote “The Art of Effective Confrontation,” detailing Joe’s mentorship of me. The post was sparked by my reading of The Five Dysfunctions of A Team, a bestselling business book by Patrick Lencioni, who (fittingly enough) endorsed Results Through Relationships. (See how it all comes full circle?)

By now, people who have come across my LinkedIn account have read the glowing recommendation that I wrote about Joe. But what they haven’t seen is the longer version, which I edited because it was so gushing that I was concerned it may come across more like a eulogy.

I am pleased to confirm that Joe Takash is very much alive and beyond that, Results Through Relationships is an engagingly written, practical guide to helping people individually and organizations overall to infuse their days with greater effectiveness.

Unmistakably, the book is geared toward helping people get more out of their work relationships. But the principles and how-tos that Joe spells out will benefit those who mine the precious gems sprinkled throughout its pages and apply the recommendations in their day-to-day lives.