Local Paper Covers Car Repair Shop

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about the re-emergence of Asian Domestic Authority, the Oak Park car repair shop gutted by fire in September 2007. Pictured here is Roy Rivera, co-owner of the business.

The holiday season can be a tough time to secure media coverage, with short-handed staffs and year-end top-story roundups putting the pinch on available editorial space.

So I was grateful to see that the Oak Leaves, in today’s edition, published a piece by Chris LaFortune on the shop’s re-opening, which you can read by clicking here.

She Ought To Be In (More) Pictures…

One of my favorite people, Gloria Onischuk, was featured in today’s Oak Leaves.

With a story bearing the headline, “Local B & B’s doors open to filmmakers,” reporter Patrick Butler did a solid piece on Gloria’s work over the years with Chicago-area film crews, commercial crews and other visual arts projects.

I’m so happy for Gloria. She’s a certifiable hoot who is as generous and kind as she is funny. In April, I began creating an online presence for her at http://www.filmshootlocation.info/. The site has eight videos that are akin to an audition for Gloria, and her beautiful Oak Park home, for anyone seeking a production location.

In addition to developing material for the media, I’ve done direct outreach to location managers and other decision-makers. It’s meant getting back in touch with folks I’ve been acquainted with over the years: my wife worked for more than 15 years on Chicago-based TV shows and movies, and her sister was a location manager, among other positions, for nearly 20 years locally.

Having Gloria as a client is a family affair in another way: I have done extensive PR for her daughter, Pamela Polvere. She’s a top kitchen and bath designer who resides in Oak Park, has a studio in Elmwood Park and serves clients throughout the region.

Pam’s online at http://www.pamelapolveredesigns.com/ and you can see a case study of my work with her on the Inside Edge PR website.