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Oak Leaves’ Real Estate Roundup Steers Clear of Exploring `Why’ of Slumping Sales Locally

What? Who? When? Where? Why? How? In simple terms, those questions drive story-telling. Beyond the “what?”–which obviously covers a lot of essential ground–the most vital question to answer is “why?” Tackling the “why” of something that has happened or is happening requires expertise and insight and nuance and, yes, even sticking out your neck with […]

Local Paper Covers Car Repair Shop

A few weeks ago, I shared a post about the re-emergence of Asian Domestic Authority, the Oak Park car repair shop gutted by fire in September 2007. Pictured here is Roy Rivera, co-owner of the business. The holiday season can be a tough time to secure media coverage, with short-handed staffs and year-end top-story roundups […]

She Ought To Be In (More) Pictures…

One of my favorite people, Gloria Onischuk, was featured in today’s Oak Leaves. With a story bearing the headline, “Local B & B’s doors open to filmmakers,” reporter Patrick Butler did a solid piece on Gloria’s work over the years with Chicago-area film crews, commercial crews and other visual arts projects. I’m so happy for […]