Comeback For the Triple S Super-Hero Costume?

It’s preliminary, so I’m unable to divulge details just yet.

Yours truly, from a calendar created by Next Door Multimedia

But it appears that the Triple S super-hero costume in which I galavanted around Oak Park for the holiday season some 18 months ago may soon be making a re-appearance.

It would be for another local cause, it would be in the near future and, I am happy to note, it would entail somebody else wearing it.

I realize not everyone has yet been exposed to what I’m alluding to, so you can check out the Super Shopper Spotter campaign that Inside Edge PR coordinated between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2009: here is the Shop the Village 2009 blog that I created, as part of the local effort to spur on local shopping.

And that effort came on the heels of the inaugural Shop the Village campaign.

If nothing else, and if you’re primed for a good laugh, check out some of the clips of Super Shopper Spotter in action.

The Story Behind `Super Skateboarder Stopper’

A quarter-century ago, I was fooled–hook, line and sinker–by an April Fool’s story in Sports Illustrated.

It was about Sidd Finch,” a newcomer to the baseball scene purported to be able to hurl the ball 168 mph, or roughly 68 mph faster than anybody else.

And I like pulling legs as much as anyone else–and much more than most.

So when I had a chance recently, at the invitation of Wednesday Journal managing editor Helen Karakoudas, to pull an April Fool’s stunt involving my alter ego, Super Shopper Spotter, I quite literally leapt at it.

Of course, last week when the article appeared in the “Wednesday Jerbil,” I doubt anyone believed for a moment that Triple S now stood for Super Skateboarder Stopper.

Just the same, it was fun. You can see the tale, “Superhero scouts new economic stimulus,” here at the Wednesday Journal website.

You can also check out some of Super Shopper Spotter’s other exploits here.

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Super Shopper Spotter: The Commercial

Usually, my PR work involves more time on the keyboard and less time dashing to and fro in public while wearing a cape and red boots.

With that in mind, if you were in the Downtown Oak Park area a few days ago, you might have seen some especially bizarre behavior, even by Super Shopper Spotter standards.

Thankfully, Joe Kreml, producer of the Village of Oak Park’s Cable Channel 6, swiftly created this 52-second segment to help explain Triple S’s antics:

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Shop the Village & Super Shopper Spotter

It’s a bird…it’s a plane…it’s Super Shopper Spotter!

A new superhero has descended on Oak Park and he’s on the lookout for people shopping locally. Bearing an uncanny resemblance to yours truly, S-3 (for short) is one of the new, fun wrinkles to the 2nd installment of the “Shop the Village” program whose implementation I will again be overseeing.

More details are at Shop the Village’s official website, which has links to a news release, a YouTube channel and other specifics.

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