Don’t Wait ’til News Breaks–Anticipate the Break, Break Through With Coverage

“I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”
–Wayne Gretzky

That philosophy surfaced on the PR front last week with a news release providing insights and counsel on snow and ice management. The release had been in the works for over a week forĀ McAdam Landscaping, a longtime Inside Edge PR client.

Then Old Man (Early) Winter cooperated with the blizzard to make it especially timely. You can see the release online at TribLocal.

Here is a particularly interesting detail that I learned in the course of developing the release:

Clients must also be conscious of new legislation in the state of Illinois. With the passage of the Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act in 2016, property owners can no longer transfer liability to a contractor for losses that were not the fault of the contractor.

“This is very important legislation for our industry and even more important for clients to be aware of,” said (Scott) McAdam Jr. “Prior to this Act’s passing, a property owner could transfer all liability to the contractor, even if the contractor fulfilled their obligations and were not at fault. With this Act, the client assumes some of the liability for potential losses, so choosing a quality contractor will greatly reduce that liability.”

Speaking of liability in another vein, you don’t want to get caught flat-footed when a “change in the weather” (metaphorical or literal) offers an opportunity to serve your client’s want (coverage) while also taking care of the media’s need (timely, newsworthy content).

The media relations moral of the story: don’t wait until news breaks–anticipate the break, and be ready to deliver quality content when it does.

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PR Alert: Time to Start Thinking about July?

Last week, with A Winning PR Recipe: Timely Stories, I touched on the importance of being timely with story ideas to the media.

And usually, all you need are a few weeks’ advance notice to ensure the currency and relevance of a story pitch.

But you also have to keep your eye on longer lead times, such as a recent ditty about McAdam Landscaping offering tips to prep properties for the spring.

I realize it’s January, but it may be time to start thinking about July!

A Winning PR Recipe: Timely Stories

Some stories require nuance and a delicate mix of elements to make for a promising pitch to the media.

But others have a recipe no more complicated than making ice. They simply teem with timing.

A news release on how to safely shovel snow isn’t such a hot idea in July, but in the Chicago area–and anywhere Old Man Winter strikes–it makes for relevant, desirable copy that helps the media render service to the public.

On behalf of Nakamura Chiropractic & Acupuncture, a Schaumburg-based practice that has retained Inside Edge PR since last April, I recently sent one such piece, headlined “Snow Way: Local Chiropractor Offers Save Shoveling Tips,”, to some media in the Chicago area.

OK, that’s an obvious one. In thinking about your company or cause, what’s going in the next few days, weeks, or months–in your area, in this country, in your industry or in any way whatsoever–that provides a logical, newsworthy tie-in to what you do?

Brainstorm a list of ideas and begin implementing the best ones sooner rather than later, while time is still on your story-telling side.