As of this writing, there are about 65 million pages that pop up when you type “Les Moore” into Google.

More or less? There are about 1 billion pages with that phrase.

But “less is more” really takes the cake. With that piece of pithiness, 2.95 billion (with a “B”) pages emerge.

Less really is more.

That Google-backed truth popped back into my consciousness this week when a colleague scaled back some promotional writing I’d created, from 200 words to about 30.

This witty T-shirt says it al 🙂

The other 170 will come in handy, maybe. Even if they don’t, often you must be willing to go through the process of seeing what could be, and then knowing that it could be so much more–with less.

Editor’s note: this blog post was originally 4,202 words long.

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