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Admiring & dissecting an artful Dodgers vs. Cubs story

I began inhaling Sports Illustrated cover-to-cover when I was 10 years old, after my dad hooked me up with a subscription for my historic double-digit birthday. It was summer on the South Shore of Boston, my beloved Red Sox were miles ahead in the American League East, and the cover of my inaugural issue featured a […]

A Recent Reminder on the Power of Brevity–More or Less

As of this writing, there are about 65 million pages that pop up when you type “Les Moore” into Google. More or less? There are about 1 billion pages with that phrase. But “less is more” really takes the cake. With that piece of pithiness, 2.95 billion (with a “B”) pages emerge. Less really is […]

On the Menu (And In Any Communication): Vary Your Words, Advance Your Story

As my wife would readily attest, I have been editing menus for years. But it’s happened only in my head, as I have scanned my restaurant meal options. Along the way, among other peculiarities, I have been struck by the neck-and-neck race between the properly labeled “Belgian waffles” and the rampantly used but wrong-wrong-wrong (!!) “Belgium waffles” variation. […]

Quality Writing: If The Term Fits, Then Use It

Writing clearly and compellingly doesn’t come easily. Every word and every punctuation mark brings a new decision. Which word to use next? Is this really the moment to whip out the semi-colon? Should I pose a third question in this rhetorical series? In the quarter-century since I began writing for publications (or should I simply […]