Calendar listings are among the most avidly read sections of local newspapers.

They provide succinct, at-a-glance information about events of particular interest to your community. And because each blurb is brief, there is a strong likelihood of successfully placing your organization’s fundraiser, workshop or other activity.

The key is to provide enough lead time (two weeks typically) to ensure it has a fighting chance of inclusion.

But why stop there?

In addition to posting a brief listing, it’s well worth your time to develop a more in-depth preview that can capture more prominent coverage.

Some recent examples from Inside Edge PR’s archives:

Five Seasons Family Sports Club in Burr Ridge hosting an event for Newcomers & Neighbors of the Greater Hinsdale Area:

The Calendar Listing…. and The Full-Length Release

Jim Flanagan of Bentron Financial Group’s workshop, Social Security: More Than Meets the Eye, held on March 15 at the River Forest Public Library.

The Calendar Listing …. and The Full-Length Release

TribLocal is just one of multiple local media outlets who receive both versions. By devoting just a little more time telling your story, you can exponentially expand your communication’s reach.


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