Facebook has a whirlwind of momentum and plenty of neat widgets that do cool communication-related things well beyond my earthly comprehension.

But until a few days ago, one of its lingering weaknesses was the lack of a user name (or “username” in Facebook parlance) that you could assign to your personal Facebook page.

To track someone down, you needed to type their name into the “search” box and sift through a long list of possible matches. In some cases, for whatever reason, I simply could not find people whom I knew were on Facebook. And if your name was relatively common (or “popular,” to put a nice spin on it) then that made the searching all the more difficult.

To Facebook’s credit, the company has closed up that Achilles’ heel. I didn’t move quickly enough to secure my first and last name as my user name, but my first two initials and last name will work just fine.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Fixes Username Achilles’ Heel

  1. InsideEdgePR says:

    Good question.
    It is much easier to send people to your FB page now…before, it was a bunch of coding jibberish that was hard to cut and paste, since it was so long. Plus, it personalizes your page more.

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